Resilient Thinking: How Black People Can Build Individual and Community Resilience
By: DrBuckingham
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Are you a resilient person or a troubled person? Do you know the difference?

Resilience is defined differently for many individuals because it takes on many forms and has various components. However, most researchers agree that resilience is associated with an individual’s ability to bounce back after facing adversity or hardship. To add to this basic understanding, I personally define resilience as the ability to bounce back wiser, better, and stronger after facing adversity. Resilient individuals recover quicker and cope with adversity and psychological stress in an effective manner. Being resilient will enable you to move forward and prosper in a healthy manner after experiencing adversity.

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe adversity and resilience.
  • Review resilience research.
  • Identify and discuss factors for building resilience.
  • Discuss Resilient Thinking.
  • Highlight how individual resilience can help build community resilience.
  • Process Personal Resilience Stories (group activity).
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