Empathy-Driven Mindset: Combating Social Injustice Through Introspection and Compassion
By: DrBuckingham
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Have you ever thought about empathy and its relation to social injustice?

Empathy is an indispensable life skill that requires a certain level of intellectual and emotional aptitude in order to recognize and understand the thoughts, emotions, and perspectives that others might experience.

Simply stated, Empathy is not just about “walking in others’ shoes”. Empathy is the ability to connect with others in a manner in which they feel understood and emotionally safe. Lack of empathy is a primary factor that makes individuals miserable in life, love, and interpersonal relationships. If you cannot empathize with others, then you are unlikely to care about and connect with them.

Some people are good at objectifying other people, treating them like ‘things’, and even attacking them without any feeling of remorse. If you desire to work with others in harmony, you must learn to be empathetic.

In this informative training, Dr. Buckingham discusses empathy, compassion, introspection, and how each can be used to combat social injustice. He also discussed the importance of developing an Empathy-Driven Mindset to combat social injustice.

Learning Objectives:

  • Explain why “Mindset Matters”?
  • Describe why social injustice is a mindset issue?
  • Define “Empathy-Driven Mindset”.
  • Articulate how to use the 3 Step L.E.L. Process to develop an “Empathy-Driven Mindset”.
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