A Culture of Trauma: Why Is It So Easy for Black People to Suppress Their Trauma and Grief?
By: DrBuckingham
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Black people have a rich history filled with trauma and grief. No other ethnic group in America has been enslaved and oppressed for centuries. In our quest to recognize and honor our ancestors’ sacrifices, thousands of African Americans suppress our trauma and grief. Unfortunately, too often we neglect to get the help that we need to heal properly.

In this heart-felt training, Dr. Buckingham explores some of the psychological, economical and cultrual barriers that prevent African Americans from seeking  professional counseling after experiencing trauma and grief.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand why is it so easy for Black people to suppress their trauma and grief.
  • Review American history and Black history in America.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of African American’s history of trauma in America through systematic racism.
  • Learn how to differentiate grieving and mourning among African Americans.
  • Identify 3 strategies you can use to help African Americans cope with suppressed trauma and grief.
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