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Welcome – I’m Dr. Dwayne Buckingham, CEO of Buckingham Consulting Group. As an award-winning psychotherapist, author, speaker and decorated USAF veteran, I have provided psychological assessments, treatment, consulting, coaching and training to over 40,000 individuals worldwide. I am the author of 18 books and have earned the distinct title of Empathy & Resilience (E.R.) Doctor by my colleagues and clients.

I have over 25 years of experience as a license clinical psycotherapist, keynote speaker, trainer, coach and consultant. I specialize in helping individuals overcome adversity, build resilience and find solutions in problems.

I come from very humble beginnings and understand first-hand what it means to face and overcome adversity – I want to help you overcome adversity your in life, relationship or business.

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Years of Clinical, Leadership & Business Experience

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Consulting Solutions

Buckingham Consulting Group, LLC (BCG), is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), that provides human services consulting, empowerment coaching, mental health counseling and training that enable organizations, leaders, individuals, couples and familes to find solutions in problems and produce sustainable results. 

  • Leadership Development 
  • Executive Coaching
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
  • Strategic Planning 
  • Entreprenuership 
  • And more…

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Counseling Solutions 

At R.E.A.L. Therapy we offer confidential assessments and counseling for a broad and complex body of issues affecting mental and emotional well-being, such as alcohol and other substance abuse, stress, grief, trauma, and other psychological stressors. We offer counseling in the following areas: 

  • Individual 
  • Couples
  • Pre-marital 
  • Marriage
  • Family 

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Business Solutions 

The Business Academy for Social Workers (BASW) offers live webinars and on-demand CE courses that equips social workers to launch businesses, accelerate their compensation growth and build financial prosperity.

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Quotes By Doc: Over 25 Years of Thought-Provoking, Empowering and Inspiring Words of Wisdom on Life, Love, Success, Resilience, and Much More from the Nation’s #1 E.R. Doctor 

In this thought-provoking and inspirational book, Dr. Dwayne Buckingham, a clinical psychotherapist, and founder of, shares over 25 years of words of wisdom from personal life experiences and his work with 40,000 clients from around the world. Dr. Buckingham’s personal quotes will inspire you to achieve success in life, conquer love, build healthy relationships, and enhance your marriage. This book is packed with powerful and affirming quotes that will also empower you to walk in your purpose, build resilience, develop a successful mindset, and lead others with empathy. 

More than 700 quotes are outlined in this powerful book of knowledge.

Here are a few of Dr. Buckingham’s quotes:

  • Failure is not determined by your setback, but by your unwillingness to fight back.
  • Resilient people find solutions in problems. In contrast, troubled people find problems in every solution.
  • Your birth status does not determine your life status.
  • Love me or leave me because abuse is not an option.

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This one-of-a-kind book is different than other quote books on the market in that it highlights the mindset that Dr. Buckingham possessed to exchange a lifestyle filled with hardship, disappointment and dread to a lifestyle filled with favor, satisfaction, and confidence. Also, this book serves as reminder that you do not have to be a celebrity to share your gift of knowledge with the world. You are more than enough, and you deserve to be inspired.